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Welcome to my little corner of the internet. If the internet in fact has corners… in my world it does, so grab a seat and get comfy.

I’m Nikol. I firmly believe that if you listen carefully, God will lead you through an amazing life.

Amazing certainly doesn’t mean easy and even if you are the best listener, you are still human and will make a wrong turn. It’s no big deal. If you have followed me for a while, you would think I was a bee communicating directions through dance.  What I realized was that what may seem like twists and turns to the average eye, is really me heading down a straight path of obedience. Most of the time, nobody is perfect!

I am not afraid to try new things as long as they do not involve motion. I get extremely motion sick. Like let’s not go back on the escalator for an hour, severe.

I love seeing the God in my day and the connections He could only make.

I try to make every interaction with the people I encounter as pleasant as possible. I still have a long way to go, but it is a mission of mine.

I currently write about my triumphs, lows and thoughts about God, friendships and communication. Topics that will be added soon are my journey with an autoimmune disease, homeschooling, blogging, and how to create the life that you would like to live.

Nikol Murphy - pics in a row

A snapshot into the everyday me.

I love:

Only being serious when absolutely necessary.



Awkward topics.

Being social (for about 5 minutes) then I need to hide in my house for a week.

Being efficient.

Organizing, but have no knack for decorating.

Going to yard sales.


Hot pink.



I can’t do scary.

I love Gilmore Girls and Grey’s Anatomy. I always have to watch Grey’s first because it stresses me out and Lorelai and Rory fix everything. Always.

Most of all, I just love being with my husband and boys.

Collins and I had the most perfectly southern wedding in the same church his parents we married in.

Nikol & Collins Wedding

Want to know how long ago we were married? That picture was taken on a film camera y’all.

This picture of the boys isn’t the most recent, but it is one of my favorites. Taken at a little fishing pond we live near. Seriously! My little town is a dream.

boys fishing

Our family loves traveling to historic sites and museums. Military history is a family favorite, but we also love a good day in the movie theater or at Disney. It is our secret dream to get an RV and travel around the US.

We love baseball games, NY pizza, the mountains and cool, crisp weather.

We have two dogs and a cat. They are hilarious, bring us joy and make our floors dirty.

The animals

I post way too many pictures of my cat Charlie on Instagram. He is my buddy. I will not apologize for this.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 11.04.07 AM

Professionally, I have done many fun and adventurous things. I have been a pre-school teacher, a paddle boat crew member, a nanny, a coordinator for exchange students, a corporate event planner, a wedding planner, a live event social media strategist and a live event broadcaster, a blogger, I even co-founded the NC Blogger Network. Here are some photos if you need any more proof of just how fancy pants I am.

Fancy pants speaker image

Topics I speak about:

Listening To God, Even When We Don’t Want To

Building Your Village

Journey Back From Autoimmune Disease

How To Build The Life You Want, When It Is The Opposite Of What Everyone Is Living

If you would like to book Nikol for your next event, please fill out the form below!

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