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We need to talk

We need to talk

There is something very wrong with our current forms of communication. We are either over engaged, or not engaged enough. Seemingly obsessed with current affairs or so disconnected that we couldn’t even name our representatives in office. We are offended; or making fun of those offended. Everybody has access to the stage we call the […]

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Finding Your People

Finding Your People

Everyone needs people to live life with. The people that you can call anytime and you know they will be there for you. The people that will be straight-up honest with you. The people that will have your back first and ask questions later. The people that you can have a disagreement with and you […]

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Benched by God

God said, “Write.” So I wrote. With each week that I posted an article, a familiar itch started to creep back in. I started to get caught up in the details and “shiny new things” of blogging and the internet. I wanted to do this and that! I needed to spend my time learning. I […]

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