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Building Your Legacy In 2016

I spent 2015 away from blogging and working.

I had reached a breaking point in my life and a family medical scare shook me into reality. The reality that I had loaded too many goals and responsibilities onto my plate and all areas of my life were suffering from it. I know I was not alone in this struggle. I hear other Moms complain about being over scheduled, over committed and miserable too often. When I have made major life decisions, I kept a caveat in my back pocket. I can always change my mind or direction. Just because I chose to head down a certain path does not mean I can not change direction. So I simply stopped anything that was not essential at the time. It took me a year to recover from the side effects of  trying to do and be everything I thought I should be all while failing miserably at it. The crazy thing? I did this all to myself. We look at each other and think, “I need to be doing that.” We read an article and take mental notes of the bullet points that lead to a happy and successful life. But is that right?

Your actions leave your legacy. What will you create in 2016?

If someone was asked to describe you, what five things would you hope they would say?

Would you like what they had to say? What about just one thing? I’ll tell you my answer.

1. I want my husband to smile when he thinks of me.

2. I want my boys to have fond feelings of their childhood. Not because we are creating an amusement park like childhood, but because we prepared them well for life.

3. I want my friends to know they can count on me.

4. I want to be known for walking the walk. For being able to back-up the words that come out of my mouth.

5. I want to be in a place where I have a solid relationship and communication line with God.

Our family needs white space in our schedule and our lives in order to slow down enough to enjoy each other’s company. That means we simply can not accomplish as much as the next person if I am to stay true to the above listed life goals. It also means I may look like I am accomplishing more than the next. But it is not about me comparing myself to the family that is always out and about OR to the family that never seems to leave home. I know we (the internet community- the community of Moms hoping for validation that they are doing the right thing or help for the thing they can not seem to do) think it is exactly that.

If you come to my house, my kitchen cabinets and fridge will be organized. Not because I fear that I will be judged by you, or that I think I should be the kind of person that has perfectly organized cabinets in order to be succeeding at life. My kitchen cabinets are organized because I do not enjoy the messiness of cooking and in order to provide my family with nutritious home cooked meals, I need to eliminate all barriers. Including, searching for a pan or digging for the slotted spoon. You could consider it a weakness, if you look at the organized cabinets on the surface, it may be mistaken as a sign that I have “it” all together.

Let’s not get caught up in the”I should” and “look at them”. Instead, let’s strive for all we to do support our life or legacy goals.

When thinking of what legacy you would like to leave behind, think about it being engraved on your tombstone. I understand that exercise seems glum. Sit and ask yourself,  “would it really matter in the end?” Is that particular goal one that you are willing to push ahead of something else? Can you confidently state, “I missed ________ in order to do ______.” If the answer is yes, then you are headed in the right direction.

Building your legacy in 2016.1

I have created a worksheet for you to print out and work on for the New Year. When you click on the image above, you will be directed to sign up for my new monthly email newsletter. There you will have access to updates as well as special freebees created only for our email peeps. I hope you enjoy the worksheet and I look forward to a year of building our legacy actions in 2016!

**Printing Tip**

If you are an Erin Condren planner girl like me and would like this to fit in your life planner, set your printer to print at 65% of the full size. Trim the excess and you are ready to go!

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