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God cares about the Super Bowl?

We are going to access some feels. I don’t particularly like digging deep to access why I feel put off, defensive or hurt. I’m not sure anyone really does. Know that this type of question is a sign that you want control and understanding in your relationship with God. You desperately want your human brain to understand something beyond human understanding. You have not failed, it’s just not something you can do.

It’s a question that I have gotten more than once.

How can God possibly care or have time to care about the Super Bowl?!

You see a football player hold up the Super Bowl trophy and thank God.

Your chest tightens and your skin begins to crawl.

How can a pro-athlete thank God?!

How can God care about a race, a game, or how an athlete performs?!

You just don’t see how God could have the time to pay attention to an athlete or why would He even care! There are SO MANY other things that are more important or that need His time. Seeing that football player raise the trophy and then thank God just confirms everything you are angry about. Pfft… thanking God… God has never showed up when I needed Him…

I need you to take a deep breath. I need you to breathe and realize that your hackles are up. Your defense is high and your hurt meter is in the red zone. If you are angry already, it is just a sign that you have hurt that needs to be addressed. 

There are so many messed up things happening in the world. There is no way a God that is good would be spending time on a darn game!

You project your own feelings of hurt onto “the suffering“. What about all the people suffering in the world?! Football doesn’t matter. Being a football player is not important. Why has He propelled this guy to stardom?! Why doesn’t God care about your wants, desires and dreams?!

Reacting in anger to anyone that thanks God for success, devalues what they did and who they are.

It is not up to us to value this.

As humans we will naturally value certain things over others. That is okay. There is a difference between not valuing something or someone and placing anger, disgust and judgement towards it. Let me give you an example.

Playing chess or writing poetry. Let’s pretend that neither of these things are on your daily mental radar. You don’t think about them. You don’t assign any feeling towards them. When someone mentions them, you feel nothing. That is okay. Try to assign no feeling to issues you have. You could be happy for them, but I am guessing you are not there yet. That’s okay. Let’s just work at removing the anger.

The fact of the matter is that football player probably has a pretty solid relationship with God. They talk. They have a give and take relationship. That player has probably been following God’s lead for quite a while now.

When you talk to God, He responds.

It may not always be how you would like, but eventually, your wants and His desire will line up.

That is what you see on the field when a football player is holding up a trophy to thank God after fighting that professional and personal battle of his life.

That pro-athlete is thanking God because he knows God had a hand in his success.

It was God that helped him fight fear.

It was God, his hard work and the people He placed in his life, that led to that point.

When that football player was hurt, it was God who said, “Keep going”.  He placed the right doctors and trainers to take care of his body. He placed the right coaches and mentors to help him along the way.

It was divine power that connected all the dots to bring that player to that moment.

To give him the talent he needed, to have the lightening reflexes he needed. To have the body type that allows him to perform the tasks that he does. It was the God and all the people He placed in this football players journey that led him to a victory he could only dream of.

We can certainly rabbit trail how leading this athlete to a Super Bowl victory has affected others. How he goes to hospitals and raises the spirits of sick children. How he started a reading program for struggling kids from the projects, the list can go on. We could also highlight the bad couldn’t we? How this life can lead to abuse of all kinds and especially life threatening injuries.


God reached out to you where you are.

That you are angry with Him.

He knows that you are not going to church.

That you don’t listen to Christian music.

He knows that when that football player raises his trophy and thank Him, it will piss you off.

He knows this is one of the few times He will be on your mind. So He is going to use it.

He is going to use your anger and disgust. Your yearning to understand and belong.

He directed me to address this question on this very day, in a way that would get you to read it.

To send you a sign that He gets it. You are hurt.

You feel left out and you want a relationship even though you won’t admit it.

It’s okay. It doesn’t matter about the anger you had before or even right now.

He will help you. You can come to Him angry. It’s not your battle to fight. Let God help you through this so you can start building a relationship, the relationship you have always wanted.

Sneaky huh?

So I say yes. God cares about the Super Bowl.

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  1. So sneaky, yes, but so beautiful. Than you for writing this!

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