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How to talk to God

Talking to God is not hard. I promise. You just need two simple things:

1. Time to get over the awkwardness of it all.

2. A little practice to get Him on your radar.

Most of us don’t talk to God because we simply don’t have Him in our daily thoughts. We have forgotten to think about God in our everyday moments and to remember that He desperately wants a relationship with us. We are not bothering Him when we talk to Him. He is waiting for you to acknowledge Him so He can start building a relationship with you.

We don’t have to have the words or know what to say. He has plenty to say, you just need to open the door to the conversation.

I know that you may be feeling silly or awkward or even not worthy. You may feel alone and like God doesn’t have the time for little ‘ol you. That is so far from the truth. YOU matter so very much to God. Your job here on earth matters so very much. You may think that you are not doing anything special; but you are, or will be soon!

To help you get God on your daily radar, I have included a free printable sheet for you. Print it out in order to remind yourself to simply say, “Hi” to God. Put it in your car on top of where you normally have your cell phone. At every red light look at the sheet instead of your phone. It really just takes seconds.

You will be accomplishing several things while doing this:

1. You are building a new habit.

2. You are building a relationship with God. You know… no big deal.

3. By staying off your phone for that red light. You are taking yourself out of “other people’s business” and getting into your own.

4. You are in your car, so the “feeling silly factor” is reduced.


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US Letter-Getting God on your Radar Desktop Guide 8.5 x 11



If you are still in doubt, I want to talk about another reason we secretly don’t believe that God would talk to us. You don’t think you are worthy or that you matter. I’m here to tell you that you matter so very much. I wish I could reach through the screen, hug you and help you understand how very much you are loved. Please believe that you matter. Choose to believe it and keep it a tiny treasure in your heart until it is a strong, grownup, confident feeling. Then don’t ever let anyone take it away from you.

Another common doubt is that He doesn’t have time for us. Why would He care about the mundane things about my life? It is not up to us to understand. We just need to chose to believe. We can’t even begin to follow the path of how God weaves the lives of everyone together or how He manages to be there for everyone. Let go of the burden of trying to rationalize how He is everywhere for everyone. It is not a weight for you to carry. I know believing and letting go of control can feel scary before you do it. Once you let go, you will feel so much more light and free.

Please pass this along to any friends that you think could use the worksheet. Feel free to print a few extra and have them to hand out if you feel called to.


5 Responses to How to talk to God

  1. Hulya at #

    Well done Nikol… I try to talk to God everyday

    • Thank you Hulya, and thank you for coming over to my little spot on the internet! <3

  2. Tiffany at #

    Thanks so much for this!! I have fallen out of the habit of simply saying ‘Hey’ to God and this wil definitely help me along getting that back in order. I’m off to print… 🙂

    • Oh yay! Please print extra and hand them out. Especially to those people telling you to smile. 😀


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