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I salute you, brave soul.

This Saturday, a team of women will be embarking on the experience of a life-time. Some are well versed and know what to expect. Some, this is their first time. They do not know what to expect entirely, but they know it will take them out of their comfort zone.

I have heard the following about an overseas mission trip.

This is not a vacation.

You will experience discomfort.

You will experience great joy.

You will experience jet lag and exhaustion.

You will be up close and personal with people in severe need and poverty.

Language can be a barrier.

You will never be the same.

You will not view your life the same.

You will not view others’ needs the same.

You will experience the beauty that is pure joy.

This my friend’s, is all such very good stuff.

Every-time I turn a corner I see another member on the team. I am so happy to be able to give them one last hug before they leave their husbands and children for seven days. Fully capable husbands filled with pride and anticipation for their wives. Arming themselves with pages of instructions and videos of how to use the washer and dryer.

It’s an exciting time. There is a buzz in the air. Money has been raised, supplies have been collected. I don’t know if they know, but I am beaming with pride for each and every one. Not because I had anything to do with convincing them to go. But because I get to support them through words of encouragement, prayers and supplies. It’s gets me so excited to see people step boldly towards what they were called for. They heard that whisper, they answered it and are walking that straight line of obedience even if they are afraid.

They will go and make a difference in other peoples’ lives. An amazing thing happens when you set time aside to intentionally serve others. It doesn’t matter if it is an hour at the food bank down the road, or a week in a different country. Sometimes it comes in a handwritten note of encouragement, or a blog post. Answering the call to homeschool, or start a non-profit. It may look like talking about uncomfortable things like domestic abuse or human trafficking. It may come in the form of a casserole or an offer to babysit.

It’s the act of setting aside your stuff to go help with another’s. None of these ladies are sitting at home bored wishing for something exciting to happen. They have sick kids, field trips they will miss, hurt bodies and health issues. They are taking leave at work, afraid to fly and some are walking straight into the face of fear.

They are taking their step.

So I stand and salute and cheer for all those taking their step.

From a simple, “Yes God, I can do it” to boarding a plane for a different country. Bravo.

In order to celebrate YOU I asked my very talented friend to create a coloring page for my peeps. The funny thing is that between the time it was created and tonight. We have both needed this reminder. So print a few off and color away. Post your beautiful creations on the web and tag me. My username on Instagram and Twitter is @nikol_murphy. Use the hashtag #HeyGodLetsChat and I’ll find you!


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3 Responses to I salute you, brave soul.

  1. Beautiful post and coloring page. I’ve had to take a few deep breaths over the past week and mentally remind myself to let God be in control. Different reasons, but needed His guidance and strength just the same. Will keep this special team in my prayers as they embark on what is sure to be a life changing journey.

    • Hi Sarah!
      I think one of the most disappointing things that I realized fresh after following His directions, was that even though we have a relationship with God, we will often come to the struggle of reminding ourselves to trust. Not be in fear. And wait for His timing. It does seem to come quicker each time, but I still feel like there is a steep learning curve! 😀

      Thank you for keeping these ladies in your prayers and I’m glad you remembered to “come back to center” last week. I’m always a “ping” away for a freak out session. 😉

  2. Farrah at #

    Great reminder to keep taking those steps. Big or small. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

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