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Know YOUR Rock Bottom

So many of us are not happy with they way our jobs, marriages, financial situations, relationship with God or health are. It’s not ideal, but it’s not “rock bottom”. I think we often imagine rock bottom as a place of addiction, promiscuity, or homelessness. Being in jail, or having literally nothing left but the clothes on your back. 

Sure that IS rock bottom for some people. Do you really want to be in a place like that before you help yourself up?


YOUR “rock bottom” may be that you no longer flirt with your spouse, that you choose to be on Facebook instead of playing with your kids. It could be that on a beautiful day, you sit inside on the couch instead of going out for a walk. It could be that you are stagnant at your job and you just don’t care. Maybe you have lost touch with friends because you simply don’t want to pick up the phone. Have you run up so much credit card debt that you don’t see a way to ever pay them off, but nobody knows about it? Are you unhealthy and the weight of that falls on your spouse and children?

I feel like these problems are so very dangerous. They are dangerous because they are “not that bad”. You are in a place where your problems “could be worse”. But in this space, lies danger. The danger of just going along your everyday life, and accepting subpar as your new normal. All of a sudden decades have gone by and you haven’t lived life. You haven’t made your relationships rich and you haven’t accomplished those things that you have always wanted to do.

My rock bottom was when I could barely make it through the day due to a recent flare up of my autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The pain and stiffness I had in my body caused even sleeping to hurt. Several of my systems went haywire and the doctors were throwing medications at me. My husband was kind and understanding. My family was supportive. My children were patient and helpful. My friends stepped in with love and caring actions. My breaking point came when my husband came home with BAGS of prescriptions. After another errand that he had run, after another day of carrying the daily responsibilities of taking care of the kids on top of visiting my family.  I broke and called out, “I can NOT do this anymore on my own!” I had finally let go of control. I had finally handed my issue over to God. I was looking at my Mom when I said those words, but I was talking to God. That prayer came from my heart. God changed my life path within hours.

Four hours later, when my sister saw how sick I really was, and how serious I was about changing, she suggested that I contact her friend with Juice Plus. I decided to try it out. We did not have the money in our budget to try this, but we also didn’t have the money in our budget for me to keep getting sick and ending up in the ER. If I followed what my naturopathic doctor wanted me to take it would have cost over $300 a month. So I decided that I would take $20 out of my weekly grocery budget to cover the costs. We made this fabulous Salsa Chicken recipe and ate it various ways for a month straight.

I was so afraid that it wasn’t going to help with any of my symptoms. But I had to try something. Not only did Juice Plus help, I had amazing results! 

My rock bottom was letting my autoimmune disease rule me. By never trying anything new and not treating myself with what I needed because I was convinced we couldn’t afford it even though I never would try to find the money in our budget. It was letting the disease rob my family of quality time outside of the house, riding bikes and going on hikes. It was letting the burden of the physical things I couldn’t do around the house and with the kids fall on my husband. I can’t get that time back.

What I can do is, remember that being sick wasn’t my fault. I can thank my family for staying by my side and for trusting me when I took a risk to try something new. And I can talk about my story in order to help others.

How are you? Could you be at your rock bottom? Don’t let it get to a critical mass issue. Act now.

If you are dealing with an autoimmune disease or leaky gut and want to learn more about my journey, please feel free to follow my personal Facebook profile or send me an email in the form below.

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