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Life in Color

I have so much to say this week and I do not have the words to say it. The only way to describe how I am feeling is that I feel like my life is back in color.

Following God is such an amazing ride. There is so much to learn and the soon as you think you have it down, you are challenged to new levels and shown what an amazing God we really have.

This week is full of amazement, of healing, of hope and excitement.

A month ago, I was feeling so disconnected. I had to fight hard to get back on track. What a difference a few weeks make. I was brought to my ultimate low and proclaimed out loud that I CAN NOT do this on my own. An honest to goodness, “Lord, I need you to step in because I can not do this on my own”.

When I was humbled to my knees and left with no vision of how my life was going to be fixed, God stepped in and showed me the path in one sweep. This does not mean that all my troubles are gone. It does not mean that there is no hard work, mistakes or disappointment coming my way. It simply means that I stepped out of my comfort zone, admitted I can not do this on my own and spoke from a place of deep honesty.

So for now, I probably leave you confused. Once I have the words, I will explain the awesome wonder and exhilaration that comes from seeing how God has answered your prayers. Even though you may look like you are standing exactly in the same place.

If you are struggling for the words to connect with God, I humbly offer the song that knocked me off of my pedestal and led me to admit I need the Lord. You don’t need words to pray. You can listen and He will hear. You can sing along and He will hear.

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  1. Rachel at #

    It’s amazing how disconnected we feel from God, He’s always there waiting for us. Waiting for us to admit that we can’t do it on our own. Ready to scoop us up into his loving ours. Simply amazing. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    • It’s so frustrating when we forget. Thank YOU for hopping on over here and joining the conversation Rachel. <3

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