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Really? You think God talks to you?

The short answer? Yes, I believe God talks to me AND you.

Either this sounds crazy to you or totally not impressive. It is one of those topics that can split a group of people faster than well… anything really.

Before we go any further, I would like to pray with you. In case you are here because you have never realized you have had a conversation with God, I pray that you continue to read with an open mind and heart. I pray that you are able to start breaking the walls down between you and the ability to be still and available. There is little more heartbreaking than not feeling included. This is not God’s intention. He is standing beside you eager for you to simply turn to Him and say, “Hi”. There is no drama when it comes to your relationship with God. He is constant, forgiving and willing to tell you over and over again. He is there for the little things and waiting for you to lean on Him for the big things. He is willing to communicate with you, how YOU need. He is waiting for YOU. For YOU to be included.

He is standing beside you eager for you to simply turn to Him and say,"Hi". Nikol Murphy


I have been having conversations with God for as long as I can remember. I go through seasons where I listen very well and others when I can’t remember the last time He and I spoke. There are conversations about seemingly little things and life altering instructions.

Here is an example of a quick conversation I had with God and the result as I was in the middle of writing this post.

I was preparing to boil fourteen eggs for egg salad. My plan was to make lunch ahead of time and ROCK the next day. As I am putting the huge pot of water and eggs on the back burner I hear, “Lid?” That’s it. A simple silent whisper. I chuckle to myself and say in my head, “I know it will take a bit longer to boil, but I won’t have to clean the lid. My mother-in-law cooks without lids all the time. It will be fine.”

At this point, I was not aware that God was speaking to me. I thought it was my internal checklist. I’m not sure why I STILL don’t get it after decades of talking and thousands of warnings, but I don’t. I set a timer for twenty minutes on my phone and walk upstairs to write this very post. I am struggling to find the exact right way to explain why I believe God talks to me.

Ten minutes in and my mother calls. The timer goes off while I am on the phone and I absentmindedly turn it off while still trying to listen to the conversation. A minute later I am waving off questions from my son that doesn’t realize I am on the phone. A few minutes after that I hang up. All settles down, except the pot downstairs. While I am typing away, struggling to find the right words, the water has evaporated from the pot. The copper is now radiating heat to fourteen ticking time-bombs… my eggs. The eggs I bought today, specifically for the lunch I was going to pre-make in order to ROCK lunch the next day…

I hear my youngest tearing up the stairs screaming, “Mom! Something is exploding in the kitchen!”

I leap from my desk chair and tear downstairs. Quickly enough to feel all sorts of wrong things jiggle, but carefully enough not to hurt myself. At this point I know exactly why I heard, “Lid?” and I was not going to fall down the stairs and break my neck. Who knows WHAT God was trying to save me from!

I tear around the corner and reach for the stovetop knob. Right as I turn off the fire, an egg explodes and hot egg white lands on my glasses and cheek.

Crap! I grab a kitchen towel, throw it over the pot, move the pot to the sink and turn the cold water on. Do not. I repeat DO NOT run cold water over burnt eggs sitting in a scalding hot pot.

Enough steam rose and hissed to block my view of the violently angry pot, eggs started exploding to the likeness of popcorn ready to overflow a bowl. Egg was everywhere.

Let’s review shall we?

IF I had listened to God. No… if I had slowed down enough to realize God was speaking to me, and listened to His suggestion, I would have been saved a giant scary mess. Seriously, I should seriously know by now that He was talking to me and when He makes the effort to say something it’s because IT MATTERS. He is not just being a nosy chef in my kitchen because He minds how I cook the eggs. Nope, He was suggesting a lid because He knew what was coming. He knew I would set the timer for twenty minutes, that my Mom would call, my son would interrupt, knocking my fragile concentration of kilter which would cause me to forget that I needed to check the eggs, the water would evaporate causing the eggs to burn and in turn explode. SO, if I had the lid on, only the eggs would be lost and I would not be stuck cleaning egg off my walls, floor and face.

To answer your question; yes, I know that God speaks to everyone. Some of us just don’t listen very well.




4 Responses to Really? You think God talks to you?

  1. Kristal at #

    I don’t always listen either! In fact for a couple of months I’ve put off doing something I feel led to do and I probably felt led to do it for several years and I just couldn’t wrap my head around how I could make it all work. That’s because I was making it so complicated. I too started a new blog, mom blog, about the funny things that happen in life with 4 kids (will be 5 kids in August). Even though I put it off it’s like there are whispers in my head saying, “that’s a good blog post”, “other moms need to read this”, “share how there is funny in the chaos”, I’ve written one blog post so far and not done much with it but he keeps telling me to write, write, write and I end up doing FB posts on my personal page rather than creating blog posts and sharing a link.

    Isn’t it funny how when we don’t listen to God our days are even crazier, more hectic and I never seem to get anything much done. And I wonder why my kids don’t listen to the rules don’t run in the house, use a regular voice in the car, don’t hit your brother with a stick. I don’t listen very well myself so I suppose I should be more understanding (a little, maybe…we’ll see)

    Love the new blog and topics by the way!!

  2. Ah! Thank you for stopping by, reading and telling me your thoughts! <3
    I feel so honored by everyone who comes by to read. 🙂

    I have felt the same feelings about "why do the kids not listen?!" lol- Congratulations on the new baby and new blog! I'll go check it out. <3

  3. Tiffany at #

    Hi Nikol!!

    I have found myself looking forward to the time I steal away to visit you hear. I always find something I can relate to and this time is no different. My Grandmother always taught me to hear the whispers of God. She said that he will now scream, yell or fight for the attention we owe Him. He will wait until we decide and realize how much we actually need that time with Him. I cannot count how many times those whispers have saved me time aggravation and heartache but i can almost promise you they don’t out number the times I ignored them and regretted it later.I love how no matter how many times it has taken me to listen God is always there…guiding, comforting and waiting. Thanks so much for this. I’m off to read more 🙂

    • Hey Tiffany!
      YES. I am (really all of us) are right there with you. I always complain that I don’t know where I am going and then refuse to listen to the directions. It warms my heart that you come visit when you can, I want this little spot on the internet to be a place people go to recharge, encourage and inspire. Woo hoo! 🙂

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