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We need to talk

There is something very wrong with our current forms of communication.

We are either over engaged, or not engaged enough.

Seemingly obsessed with current affairs or so disconnected that we couldn’t even name our representatives in office.

We are offended; or making fun of those offended.

Everybody has access to the stage we call the internet. (ah-hem… look who’s typing…)

Some use it for good.

Some use it for what they think is good.

Some use it to change the world.

Some use it to spread hatred, fear and to flat-out bully.

As for our information? We have become headline readers. Reacting before we pause to think or fact check.

It needs to stop.

Our country is suffering for it.

Our intelligence, and our ability to make informed decisions, is suffering for it.

We need to start talking again.

We need to talk at home around the kitchen table.

We need to talk with friends, relatives and business associates.

What if we could share our thoughts and knowledge with each other without the anger and judgment that comes along with it?

What if, instead of not talking politics and religion at a social affair, we talked about it?

What if we got to know the people placed in our daily lives in school, business, church. We learned what political views they have and why. We were able to debate those topics with people without it coming to one person storming out of the room. What if we were allowed to listen to another person’s point of view and then change our mind, because we see the topic in a new light?

What if we felt that anger and frustration that comes along with a disagreement and we learned how to handle it emotionally? What if  we learned to have conversations based on facts and emotions, but we explained where the emotion came from. Our emotion is important. We need to honor it, not let it accost the other person in the conversation.

Being well versed in our country’s history, world history and religious history as well as current affairs would help us understand someone else’s position quicker and with more empathy.

I think it would be a good thing to feel the social pressure of needing to know current affairs so that you brought value to the dinner conversation at your friend or neighbors house. This leads to the fact that we also need to invite more people over for dinner.

Our formal dining and sitting rooms are gone from current newly built homes and with them went a tradition so vital to our families and to our country.

We are disconnected, offended and often more times than not, misinformed.

Step One: We need to talk.

Step Two: Invite someone to dinner. At your house. Tell them that you are trying something new. You want to talk, listen, and learn about what they are interested in.

Step Three: Come back here and let me know how it went! Am I off my rocker to think this would work?

Step One-

4 Responses to We need to talk

  1. I love this message. And, of course, it hits home for me.

    • Thank you Allison.
      It takes work and courage, but I have faith that we can change for the better. The MUCH better.

  2. Rachel at #

    A message we all need to hear. It’s so easy to argue with people over social media, especially the people we don’t know. Coming together face to face is a good idea.

    • Unfortunately, I have been pretty heated in person as well. It’s amazing how what we can write may really be waiting for us when we need it.

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