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Never Let Your Circumstances Limit Your Dreams!
Never Let Your Circumstances Limit Your Dreams!.png
Pursue your dreams no matter your circumstance! Nikol Murphy.png
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It’s time to make your dreams a reality.

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    Hi, I’m Nikol!

    Welcome! I believe that you can have the life that you want no matter what your circumstances are. There is no such thing as a perfect life, but there is the possibility of your dream life! It may not look like what you originally thought, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be just as good.

    I teach you how I got out of survival mode. From just trying to make it through each day to taking back my dreams from my chronic illness!

    The one thing I have learned along this journey is:

    Don't let your circumstances limit your dreams.

     I know, you are thinking- that all sounds great! But what do I actually do in my day to day life in order to change? I’ve got your answer here!

    Learn how to Organize, Simplify and Thrive regardless of your obstacles!

    Spend less time managing your life and more time healing with your autoimmune guide to life autoimmune boss  Nikol Murphy.1.png

    The Autoimmune Guide to Life

    Learn how to manage your day with ease.

    What students are saying!

    Nikol has always been vocal about her health struggles, and very up front about being diagnosed with hashimoto's disease. When I finally took my health into my own hands (after 3 years of being told to "monitor my blood work"), I received some not great, though not surprising, results. I knew Nikol was going to be my first source of help, and this course has helped me in so many ways. It's easy to think about what to eat/not eat, remember to exercise, and remember how I felt. But when it came to "my head hurts. What did I have for breakfast?" that is where I struggled. The brain-drain is brilliant. Writing it all down has de-cluttered my mind, and forced me to take action, delegate, or defer. Helping me organize and understand the information I am receiving has been life changing. In the past, I had tried a food diary, just to monitor my intake. This is so much better, now that I know my health and well-being literally depend on it. I printed out the blank morning and evening routine pages, laminated them, and now use them daily as reminders. I work alternating schedules, and this keeps me on top of establishing my routines, and keeps me accountable for getting them done. This course helped me recognize so many alternatives to just taking medicine and getting blood work done. Restructuring my day, taking action instead of being reactive, it all goes hand in hand, and I know I will be a better wife and mother because of the changes I am making as outlined here in this course. Again, I knew Nikol was the right person to reach out to, and I am so thankful.  by Julie McGhee.png

    Doing life a little different with

    Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and a MTHFR gene variation

    Live your life according to your values and dreams. autoimmune boss  Nikol Murphy.2.png

    Think your hopes and dreams are gone due to your chronic illness?

    Not the case!