Never Let Your Circumstances Limit Your Dreams!
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    Hi, I’m Nikol!

    I'm here to help you live the life you want and never let your circumstances limit your dreams.

    I teach you how I got out of survival mode. How I went from just trying to make it through each day to taking back my dreams from my chronic illness!

    Learn more about me here —>

     I know, you are thinking- that all sounds great!

    But what do I actually do in my day to day life in order to change?

    I’ve got your answer here!

    The fact of the matter is you need to first be in control of your time and energy throughout the day. In The Autoimmune Guide to Life Course, I will teach you how to set proper expectations, goals, and work load as well as how to organize your house and delegate so less falls on you.

    Learn how to Organize, Simplify and Thrive regardless of your obstacles!

    Spend less time managing your life and more time healing with your autoimmune guide to life autoimmune boss  Nikol Murphy.1.png

    The Autoimmune Guide to Life

    Learn how to manage your day with ease.


    What Students are Saying!

    Nikol has always been vocal about her health struggles, and very up front about being diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. When I finally took my health into my own hands (after 3 years of being told to "monitor my blood work"), I received some not great, though not surprising, results.

    I knew Nikol was going to be my first source of help…

    … This course helped me recognize so many alternatives to just taking medicine and getting blood work done. Restructuring my day, taking action instead of being reactive, it all goes hand in hand, and I know I will be a better wife and mother because of the changes I am making as outlined here in this course. Again, I knew Nikol was the right person to reach out to, and I am so thankful. - Julie McGhee


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