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Your small business best friend!

You know that video and podcasting is where you can take your business to the next level, but you just don’t have time to manage all that it entails.

I totally get it and I’ve got your back.

You record it. I’ll edit.



Do you feel overwhelmed? Like you are drowning? Then this is the right place for you!

Learn how to turn your chaos into calm with this simple system!

Overwhelmed with the day to day of your autoimmune disease? Learn techniques for managing your day so that you can focus on getting better!



Hi! I'm Nikol Murphy.

I'm passionate about achieving the life you want all while having FUN, no matter the obstacles placed in your way.

When someone has told me, "You can't" my answer is most likely, "Watch me".

*Except for growing over 5'0" tall - that I haven't been able to do.*



Join our monthly 10 day Shred10 program!

10 days of focusing on healthy habits for your body and mind.

Join the monthly Shred10 group with Nikol Murphy! An affordable monthly program that focuses on gaining healthy habits and shredding the bad ones! This is not a weight loss or fad diet. we are pressing the restart button on your body instead!


Learn more about my nutrition foundation!

My faith and this whole food nutrition are the foundation of my life. Sound like a bold statement? I have bold belief and results! Easiest two things I do daily. 

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Owning your own business with residual income and corporate benefits is a dream come true. Even better? We can do it together!