I’m so glad you are here!

I wish that we were both in pajama pants and comfy socks curled up on a couch with our favorite drink. #1 so I could hug your neck and #2 so that I could look you in the eyes and tell you that yes, there is hope that you can feel better.

This is what I have done for myself. We all know that autoimmune issues are so individualized, but since thousands have been helped by the same thing- I feel confident that it may help you as well. As we know, good nutrition can only really help.

Below is a video I made seven days after I started taking Juice Plus. I am so glad that I made this video. You can see how dull my eyes were, the ashen color to my face, how bloated I was. I knew I was sick, but it is startling to look back now and see how bad it was.


Here is me after 7 months!

I did two very key things.

I started taking my Juice Plus capsules daily and I started to eliminate foods that were known triggers to me.

I used my local naturopath to take my food sensitivity test, but you can take one from home at a fraction of the cost here. A friend of mine used the EverlyWell brand and had great success! I wish it had been out on the market when I was getting tested!

You can order Juice Plus with me and get started down the road of flooding your body with over 30 whole and raw fruits, veggies and berries a day. It’s just so easy and when you have added health problems to your day, I certainly appreciate an “easy button”!

What is Juice Plus?


Did you know?

Kids ages 4 & up get the fruits & veggies blend for free with an adult order?!

What’s in Juice Plus?

Juice plus is concentrated, whole food- based nutrition from more than 30 fruits, vegetables, berries and grains including elderberry.

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