Confessions of an Ex- Germaphobe {Elderberry Gummies - My key to Cold and Flu Sanity}

Inside: How I went from a total germaphobe avoiding crowds the entire month of December, to a relaxed mom only slightly wincing when someone coughs around us the week before Christmas.

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Ahhh…. cold and flu season…

If I could have wrapped myself and my children in air purified suits from October through February every year and not looked like I was off my rocker, I totally would have. Little did I know that sweet little elderberry would change my life in just a few years.

Instead, I had a variety of sacred rituals I performed in order to keep us healthy. I preformed each one with a surgeon’s precision in order to guarantee us the highest chances of survival for the current flu and cold season.

We practice regular things like:

  • Washing hands when we come into the house.

We also did things like:

  • Hand sanitizer-ing and wiping down the car interior and our hands after touching anything out at a store or class.

  • We have asked people to leave our house when sniffly.

  • Have left holiday plays because someone was coughing too close.

  • I even purchased a hand sanitizer and handed it to my snotty-coughing cashier one year and politely asked him to clean his hands and then his station before handling my things.

    (I promise this is not sponsored by any hand sanitizer companies- we don’t even have it in our house anymore!)

  • We once were pulled over at the airport for the secondary security check and the attendants were requested to clean the table, and change out their gloves before handling our suitcase.

Dare anyone that had a hint of a sniffle come anywhere near me! I was not afriad to end relationships over this.

Friends knew to cancel plans with me at any minor sign of a cough and I refused to make plans with anyone after December 10th. My reasoning was that if we did in-fact catch anything, we could recover by the time Christmas rolled around.

I used to hate flu season.

cold and flu season used to literally be the worst! not anymore! find out what i changed by accident that lead to a life of not hating flu season as someone with chronic illness or as a mom!

Then over 30 fruits, vegetables, and berries came my way - including my sweet, sweet elderberry! I’m still a little shocked at how much it has changed my cold and flu season quality of life.

I started taking Juice Plus for a major Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (it’s an autoimmune disease) flare up that I was going through. All I knew was that it was fruits, veggies and berries in a capsule and it was safe since it had a food label among some other safety measures that made me feel confident to try it with my host of current issues. That was in April of 2016.

I started to feel amazing and my quality of life rapidly improved. They have a healthy starts program where one child per adult order gets a free order of fruits and veggies so I signed my son up. I mean… it was free!

We started to notice some key improvements with my son as well and we didn’t even know they could be helped with nutrition! Honestly, we didn’t even know that they were things we could improve!

The first time I realized, that it was helping us stay healthy and cold free was when we headed back to school.

I saw all of the complaining Facebook posts popping up. You know the ones, where by the time the kids are back for a few weeks, everyone starts dropping like flies to various illnesses. Well, we were back to our classes and we were perfectly healthy.

A lightbulb started to dimly light.

Then Halloween came and went and I saw another slew of “sick posts” on Facebook and we were still fine.

The lightbulb started to get brighter.

Hang on… did eating a bit better and taking these fruits, veggies and berries really help?! This. Is. Amazing!

Want to know what happened next?

Yup- flu season was in full effect and the Facebook posts were everywhere. Moms comparing symptoms in facebook groups, entire classes and even schools were getting sick!

Now, we were not in the public school system, but we weren’t holed up in the house either. We were attending our classes, going to the library, museum, church, grocery store and have friends that go to various schools that we see weekly.

Side Note: Can we chat about the grocery store for a second? I don’t care how “zen” I get. This is not a place to go when you are sick or have a sick kid and need to get out of the house. Two words. Curbside Pickup. To quote Jen Hatmaker, “For. The. Love.” Okay, moving on!

Fast forward through TWO flu seasons - going on our third and we have thoroughly enjoyed adding this extra nutrition to our day. It’s so easy! The kids started on gummies and are now up to the capsules. I suggest that they move to capsules as soon as they can since they have no sugar and have the digestive enzymes.

You really can’t beat the price, NSF certification ensuring that it is safe and the fact that it is standing on 25 years of success!

This is certainly an area of my life that I am happy to get some help in. I was truly so stressed out before about cold and flu season, now it’s not a big deal at all. Last year I even got rid of our December “black out” dates and we enjoyed a slew of activities and just took a double dose when we got coughed or sneezed on. Since it’s food - I didn’t see a big deal on easting some extra.

Sounds fabulous right?!

I know- you are like, “Where do I get mine!”

Don’t worry- I got you!

For reference, we take the fruits, veggies, berries (also called the trio) and vegan omegas. Obviously, you do whatever combination you think suits you.

All products are sold in 4 month supplies. The price you see will be charged monthly for 4 months. You can create your own account and track your order and payments. Just click the profile head at the top right of the Juice Plus page!

If you want to start small, you can order just the berry gummies or capsules. The berry blend is where you will find the elderberry.

Berry - Child Gummy

Berry - Adult Gummy (this can be split between 2 children)

Berry - Capsules Adult

You can order the trio for yourself and get the fruit and veggie free for your child. Scroll all the way down to enter your child’s name and get started.

Healthy Starts for Families

I’ve included the link for the vegan omegas as well. Our skin has never looked better! No teenage acne at this house!

Vegan Omega Complex

If you would like to take a deeper dive into these products feel free to contact me and I’d love to point you to the information you are looking for.

elderberry is considered a natural flu preventative and REMEDY. Little did I know that we take it every day! No making elderberry syrup or elderberry gummies for me! online shopping and delivery to my door is my preference. the fact that it is NSF certified and has a food label makes my mom heart super happy!

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