Thriving through the Holiday Season with Chronic Illness

The holiday season can do a number on a healthy person, add in a chronic illness and it can get dicey.

Do not fret! If you have a plan set in place with your boundaries in mind, not only can you survive the holiday season, you can THRIVE!

  1. Get out of survival mode.

    If you are currently in survival mode, you may want to grab my free Chaos to Calm Workbook. It walks you through the 5 steps I use when life starts to unravel and I want to get back to a good place of calm.

2. List out your ideal holiday season. Be realistic!

I made a fun themed workbook for you to use during your planning session!

Brainstorm your events, parades, family get togethers, school events, plan your menu, & don't forget your family traditions!

Once you have it all written down, plan out the costs and pencil it in on your calendar. 

Take a good hard look at everything and determine if it is all "doable".  

Think of what makes you tired or triggers a flare-up. How can they be avoided?

Determine what your non-negotiable are. The things that you will cancel other activities for. The things that you are okay if they make you have to recover for a day or two because they are "that important".

  • Can you buy your Thanksgiving meal?

  • Can you pre-make parts of it over the month and freeze them? Do you need to budget ahead of time in order to afford all that you want to do? 

  • Should you get a house cleaner or mother's helper in for the holiday season to help with chores around the house?


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    3. Get plenty of sleep!

    Sleep is your secret weapon to staying healthy and energized! Plan for at least 7-9 hours nightly.

    Pro Tip! Cut out screen time about an hour before you want to go to bed.

    4. Stay hydrated.

    Your body needs way more water than most drink. You need to drink half your body weight in ounces. Increase slowly over a few days. If you don’t like water, just drink it quickly. Some people like warmer water. I personally like it very cold.

    5. Support your immune system!

    This is hands down my foundation of a successful holiday season. Get more information and start here.

    Bonus Tip!

    If you want to level up your organization throughout your day, consider taking my Autoimmune Guide to Life Course to spend less time managing your disease and more time living life!

    I’d love to know what you to to make sure you thrive during the holiday season!

    How to thrive this holiday season by Nikol Murphy with free thanksgiving and christmas planning printable